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This camera has the ability to have wide angle lens attachements with the Sony VAD-PEB adapter. These can be found now and again on ebay usually packaged & ex-stock. Some of the photos displayed here show the P93 with this adapter attached.


Sony Camera Conversions

The Sony P-93 is an excellent quality camera for its price.
As a pocket sized camera it makes it ideal for infrared on the go photography.

Find your subject - look at the LCD on the back to see a bright clear image - take your photo - Review your photojust the same as if it was a normal photograph - except now your looking at an Infrared photo -

This camera can take fast shots as the filter has been replaced internally it allows IR photos to be taken at high speed such as 1/250 as well as use flash for more unusual images.

The manual is in pdf format and is included along with infrared information supplied on a CD that explains all you need to know about infrared photography.

Specification: DSC-P93

  • 5.1 Effective Megapixel

  • 3x Optical Zoom, up to 12x Smart Zoom, 6x Precision Digital Zoom

  • Quick Operation (Shutter Time Lag 0.3 sec, Shutter Release Lag 0.009 sec)

  • Stamina battery life (approx 410 shots by CIPA standard)

  • Rechargeable Batteries & Charger included

  • Real Imaging Processor

  • Manual Exposure Setting

  • MPEG VX Fine with Audio

  • AF Illuminator

  • Histogram Indication

Includes: Sony P-93 , one NEW 1GB Flash card, 2x NEW AA battery, Manual, & info on how and what to do.



The optical pro'sand cons for an internal CLEAR filter using external IR filters and having an Internal IR filter seems minimal from both practice and the literature. This camera has a filter thread on the front of the lens that allows different filters to be attached to capture the whole spectrum.





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