Infrared Photos
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This camera is expandable allowing you to take photos that are of many wavelengths of infrared, UV, FS, and also with the ability to add a cheap wide angle or even tele lens adapter. We also modify cameras internally replacing the blocking filter with a particular wavelength, but that does limit you to only one wavelength per camera; which is fine for some people.


Fuji Camera Conversions

FinePix S5700

Infra Redi for Summer - This is a 7.1-megapixel Full Spectrum camera conversion where the original internal infrared blocking filter is removed and replaced by a CLEAR optically correct filter that allows the camera to be able to use the full spectrum including: Ultra violet, Infrared and Normal light All in one camera.

We provide you with one filter to get started @ 720nm that will provide quite stunning Infrared shots and maybe all you will ever need. This wavelength allows some colour so you can not only have stunning black and white images, but with a graphics program can also add colour to your infrared.

FinePix S9500 720nm IR converted

The Fuji Finepix S9500 was and still is an excellent cameras to begin with, and having one in infrared makes it a perfect choice for exploring the world of Infrared on a very high level.

This is 9.0-megapixel InfraRed camera conversion where the original internal hot mirror filter that stops infrared light is removed and replaced by an infrared (720nm) filter that allows most infrared and little normal light through. The camera can then create some strikingly beautiful photos that in some cases might look quite non-descript in normal colour or even black and white. We have now modified dozens of varying cameras - Do look at out feedback for IR cameras under member "
Infraredi" to see what other folk have said.

As an advanced digital camera it has many features that you would expect to find on a Digital SLR camera, with nine Megapixels and a 10.7x optical zoom lens it makes for a very powerful digital camera. Its huge features list does mean that it is a camera for the enthusiast rather than someone who is looking for a camera that is easy to use and wants to take snap shots.

This camera allows you wide angle 28mm shots for landscapes & architecture as well as being able to zooming in at 300mm. There are additional wide angle adapters for its 58mm filter that are available here on ebay that can allow this camera to go as wide as fisheye level for some really stunning IR photography.

Both models above can be ordered as full spectrum or 720nm wavelength. If the full spectrum option is chosen ONE filter is supplied, i.e. 680, 720, 760, 850nm.


The optical pro'sand cons for an internal CLEAR filter using external IR filters and having an Internal IR filter seems minimal from both practice and the literature. This camera has a filter thread on the front of the lens that allows different filters to be attached to capture the whole spectrum.













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